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Keith Donegan is a 20 year old Irish racing driver. In April 2017, after taking a three year break from racing to focus on his studies (BESS at Trinity College Dublin), Keith joined the Formula Ford 1600 UK Championship earning his ticket to the scholarship shootout after his outstanding performance at the prestigious Formula Form Festival.


Keith’s biggest achievement in his racing career to date was winning the $200,000 scholarship to compete alongside IndyCars in the USF2000 Championship. The shootout for the scholarship was contested in Arizona over two days, assessing drivers both on their on-track driving skills along with their ability to represent a brand off track. Having never driven a slicks and wings car before this was a venture into the unknown for Keith. Amongst some of the best drivers in the world, Keith set the fastest lap of the weekend. There were 17 champions from nine countries covering five continents competing.


Scott Goodyear, InlyCar Champion commented “I think that Keith was the best candidate for everything on-track and the beast candidate for everything off-track. Speaking to him, he certainty understands the off-track responsibilities that go with not only racing a car, but also representing a brand like Mazda.”

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